Akash Pharma is herbal based pharmaceutical company which was started in the year 1998 with 8 products. The company began its production with only 20 employees and sales were initially done at TamilNadu. Akash Pharma is now growing rapidly with a growth rate of 18% every year and growing. Now it has extended it production line with 54 products based on herbals medicines.

Akash Pharma has its own state of the art research and manufacturing facility at Madurai, TamilNadu. It produces basic to complex herbal products to help people in day to day life. Now Akash Pharma has spread its sales all over South India covering 4 States.

Its remarkable Products like Akash Soap, Apee Oil, Alanil Oil, Grow Care Capsule, Vitawin Forte Capsure and Akash Forte Capsule hit the market with great success in sales and usability. It also produces some the world’s best herbal based Derma Producst, Hair Care Products, Ortho Products, Neurological Products, Sexology Products, Diabetic Products, U.T.I Products, Cardiac Products, Gynac Products, Ulcer and Gastrities Products, Psychological Products and Pilosure Capsules.

The herbs and other natural products come from Akash Pharma’s own freshly cultivated land situated in the hilly places around Madurai. The land is organically fertile and the herbs are grown with immense care and quality.

All its products are periodically tested for quality. At CL Analytics, Chennai these products are tested and found to be free from Steroids like Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone and heavy metals.